Other Packaging Solutions

Inner Packaging


  • Separate contents within your packaging with additional containment to separate contents
  • Prevent any spills from affecting the contents of your package

UN Plastic Jerry Can / Steel Drums

  • Leak-proof airtight and safety seals
  • Strong body to withstand impact during handing

Styrofoam Chips


  •  DGP Absorbent Mat
  • Vermiculite
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DG Packaging provides a range of transport solutions for dangerous goods that meet the standards imposed by the United Nations. We follow and provide for transport needs as detailed by the UN ratings for shipping hazadous materials.

Package Type:

1 — Drums/Pails
2 — Barrels
3 — Jerricans
4 — Boxes
5 — Bags
6 — Composite


A – Steel
B — Aluminum
C — Natural Wood
D — Plywood
F — Reconstituted Wood
G — Fibreboard
H — Plastic
L — Textile
M — Paper
N — Metal (other)
P — Glass Stoneware or Porcelain


1 — Closed Head
2 — Open Head

Packaging Group:

X — Meets group I, II, and III’s test
Y — Meets group II, and III’s test
Z — Meets III’s test

Density or Specific Gravity:

Density — For solids that have inner packagings they need to be marked with the maximum gross mass (weight) in kilograms.
Specific Gravity — Stand alone packagings meant to hold liquids need to be marked with the specific gravity rounded down to the first decimal.